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You can read more on how the S&P Global PMI has outperformed the ISM survey in providing more accurate indications of actual manufacturing trends in recent years, most likely due to differences in panel structure and questionnaire design. The bond markets watch the growth in supplier deliveries and prices paid. Since bonds arefixed-income assets, inflation has a harmful effect that can erode their prices. Investors who are interested in specific sectors may also look at the purchasing trends within the vertical markets.


  • New orders (47 vs 42.5) and backlogs of orders (45.1 vs 43.4) contracted at a slower pace and the customers’ inventories index remained at ‘too low’ levels (46.9 vs 47.4), a positive for future production.
  • In addition, the ISM includes commentary on several manufacturing industries not explicitly called out in their table of information.
  • The diffusion index includes the percent of positive responses plus one-half of those responding the same .
  • Known also as the Global Purchasing Managers’ Index™, the Global PMI™ is derived from responses to monthly questionnaires sent to companies in manufacturing and services sectors in over 40 countries, totaling around 28,000 companies.

In the example above, notice how the better than PMI number triggered a US dollar rally against the Euro. As seen in the chart (EUR/USD – one hour), the ISM Manufacturing PMI came in higher than the previous month at 54.9. The views authors express in Economic Commentary are theirs and not necessarily those of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland or the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. This paper and its data are subject to revision; please visit clevelandfed.orgfor updates. Looking for fun, informative ways to learn or teach economics and finance?

Amendments to the ISM Code

Sometimes these surveys are branded in sponsor’s names, but importantly the data are collected and survey results compiled by S&P Global to ensure the same consistent survey standards are applied globally. Only S&P Global national PMI data are used in updates of broader geographical PMI series such as the global PMI and eurozone PMI. International investors can find the latest PMI data for other countries by using websites such as Trading Economics. PMI data is also widely reported by the financial media, so investors can easily check into the implications of any changes. Understanding the PMI can provide insight into recent market conditions and identify potential economic slowdowns.

A diffusion index is a convenient system used to convert different survey responses into a single-figure reading. The purchasing managers’ index is an important indicator forinternational investorswho are looking to form an opinion on economic growth. Many investors use the PMI as a leading indicator ofgross domestic product growth or decline.

If demand is high, to lower inventory levels, it can be a leading economic indicator as to the health of consumer spending in the economy. Increased levels of consumer spending typically lead to higher economic growth. The ISM helps to establish education, research, leadership development, and certification in various areas regarding the profession of supply management and purchasing. The purchasing managers’ index was developed in coordination with the U.S.

  • Looking at the predictive content for annualized average inflation rates over forecasting horizons from 1 to 12 months, we found that the ISMPI improved forecasts of PPI inflation, particularly at shorter horizons.
  • The ISM Report on Business contains three separate purchasing managers indexes based on surveys.
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  • Survey responses reflect the change, if any, in the current month compared to the previous month.

The index is reported as a number—above 50 represents growth or expansion while below 50 represents a contraction. The report also shows the industries that experienced growth in business activity compared to the prior month while showing which industries contracted. The ISM Manufacturing Index, commonly known as the ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index , is a monthly gauge of the level of economic activity in the manufacturing sector in the United States versus the previous month. ISM non-manufacturing index is an economic index based on surveys of purchasing and supply executives from over 400 non-manufacturing businesses. The survey is a component of the ISM Report on Business -Manufacturing and Services.

US ISM Manufacturing Customer’s Inventories Index

The example above from December 2022 was the first time since May 2022 that the manufacturing sector had contracted. This index has grown 29 consecutive months prior to this trend reversal. The first three columns from the report indicate the most recent findings from the survey as well as the month-over-month change in each index. The report also signals the rate of change in addition to longer-term trends . The Manufacturing PMI highlights whether the sector and US economy are booming.

Investors: Beware the Ides of March! – InvestorsObserver

Investors: Beware the Ides of March!.

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Research has shown that the persistence of inflation means that past inflation has substantial predictive value for future inflation. For evaluating other predictors, such as the ISMPI, it is common to set up models that embed this idea and then to add the other indicators to see if they improve predictions. Alex joined the US Marine Corps on his 18th birthday just one month after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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Particular effort is made to achieve monthly survey response rates of around 80%, ensuring that an accurate picture of business conditions is recorded over time. The ISM non-manufacturing index is based on surveys of more than 400 non-manufacturing firms’ purchasing and supply executives in 60 different sectors. A higher-than-expected reading is bullish for the stock market but bearish for the bond market, and the opposite is true. When the index is greater than expected, it bodes well for the stock market because it indicates healthy economic growth, which translates to higher corporate profits.


These reports are released during the first few days of the month, and as such they can sometimes set a tone for the markets for the rest of the month. In addition, these reports can provide clues into the Non-Farm Payroll report that is released on the first Friday of every month. The Non Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index is released by the Institute of Supply Management . The Institute was founded in 1915, and was the first supply management institute in the world. The report on business is a composite index that helps measure the economic health of the US economy. This means that beginning with January 1985, we estimate the parameters of each model and produce forecasts for each forecasting horizon.

We support the US economy and our region by studying economic conditions and issues that impact our communities, serving financial institutions, and providing economic education and resources for all. Visit our Center for Inflation Research for all things inflation—from general information on how inflation works and why it matters to the latest data and analysis on current inflationary trends. Brandon has a tenacious passion for investing, broad-based learning, and business. He previously worked for several leading investment firms before joining the team at Macro Ops.


A leading indicator is a measurable set of data that, if monitored, can give some insight into the future behavior of the economy or a business. The ISM survey is broadly diversified across industries based on the North American Industry Classification System , which is weighted by each industry’s share of U.S. gross domestic product . Survey responses are delineated into 17 industry sectors, such as chemical products, computer, and electronic products, and transportation equipment. The ISM manufacturing index is a composite index that gives equal weighting to new orders, production, employment, supplier deliveries, and inventories. The Manufacturing Index report outlines index movement for manufacturing, new orders, production, employment, inventory, prices, and backlogs.

By Ambar Warrick — Asian stocks were a mixed bag on Thursday as markets weighed a potential Chinese economic recovery against concerns over rising inflation and interest rates in the… The diffusion index includes the percent of positive responses plus one-half of those responding the same . Department of Commerce and are subject annually to relatively minor changes when conditions warrant them. The good news for the euro in this environment of consolidating dollar outperformance is that the hawkish repricing in the eurozone is also breaking new highs. After some reasonably hawkishECB minutes, the ECB’s Pierre Wunsch explicitly put the 4.0% peak rate idea on the table – something markets had been flirting with for a few days. The OIS curve now fully prices in a 4.0% depo rate by October, and no rate cuts until well into 2024.

What does the Purchasing Managers’ Index measure?

Participants are asked to gauge activity in a number of categories like new orders, inventories, and production and these… The ISM manufacturing index or purchasing managers’ index is considered a key indicator of the state of the U.S. economy. It indicates the level of demand for products by measuring the amount of ordering activity at the nation’s factories. The PMI number, which is announced on the first business day of each month, can greatly influence investor and business… The overall trend in inventory levels, and whether they’re increasing or decreasing, can help provide insight as to the level of demand for the services within specific industries.

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Department of Commerce to measure various activities within supply management. The ISM Services report contains the economic activity of more than 15 industries. The ISM services report contains the economic activity of more than 15 industries, measuring employment, prices, and inventory levels. By monitoring the ISM manufacturing index, investors can better understand national economic trends and conditions. When the index is rising, investors anticipate a bullish stock market in reaction to higher corporate profits. The opposite is the case in the bond markets, which may fall as the ISM Manufacturing Index rises because of the sensitivity of bonds to inflation.

We documented positive correlations between the ISMPI and inflation in the PPI, PCE price index, and core PCE price index. To further explore how these relationships might be used by policymakers, we examined the performance of forecasting regressions with and without the ISMPI among their set of predictors. Looking at the predictive content for annualized average inflation rates over forecasting horizons from 1 to 12 months, we found that the ISMPI improved forecasts of PPI inflation, particularly at shorter horizons. The ISMPI did not yield improved forecasts of PCE inflation or of core PCE inflation. Manufacturing PMI surveys are released on the first working day of each month, followed by services on the third working day. A composite PMI is also published alongside the services PMI, which is a GDP-weighted average of the manufacturing and service sector data.

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